Matching Colors


BloomingKids Demo for Colors  v.1 20

BloomingKids Demo for Colors uses color names and pictures to help the student to learn listening, identifying, and name skills.

Clothes Colors  v.

Clothes Colors is an application that helps you choose matching colors for your outfit. Just choose a color as basis and the application will immediately tell you which other you can combine to create either a harmonious or stunning


Square Assembler

Square Assembler contains three different puzzle games united by common interface and idea - to take out all squares from the board by matching colors. Addictive one-player mode, as well as playing against the computer are supported.Various skins are

Cosmic Stacker

The stars are full of puzzling fun in this brain-bending challenge. In this astrological journey, assemble different sized rings into groups of matching colors and they'll disappear from the screen. Race to stop the advancing rings from reaching the end

Atlantis Sky Patrol  v.5.17.808.70

It's your job to take flight and knock out more than 100 doomsday devices that have been planted around the world. Travel to each destination on the map and eliminate chains of marbles by strategically matching colors in sets of three.

Cosmix  v.1.0

Cosmix is a physical puzzle, a more interesting version of everyone's favorite Tetris. The principle of the game remains the same. By controlling the position of the falling pieces, the player must collect form chains of matching colors.

Abby - Basic Skills - Preschool  v.1.0

Sizes, Same and Different, Shadows, basic concepts, puzzles, learn colors, kids games, toddlersLetters, Counting, Puzzles, Sizes, Shadows, Matching, Colors, Shapes, Differences, Patterns and more -- you are on the right address!

Magic Matching Color  v.1 2

Magic Matching Color 1.2 is a shareware program developed by Magic Project. This software has been specially designed from programmers and website developers.

YS Elvan  v.

What is Elvan? YS Elvan™ is a color editor with lots of features. The word Elvan™ means “colors” in Turkish.

ColorCab  v.1.0.1

Color picker, color scheme generator, color library - all in one. ColorCab will also generate color schemes. With ColorCab, you will also be able to choose your colors directly from a color wheel that includes tints and shades. Additionally,

BeGemed  v.

Update 1.2: Critical bugs fixed Update 1.1: Offline highscore and bugfixing Classic puzzle Game Choose 4 different boards to play on. You are playing against the time. Smash at least two gems of the same color within the time limit. Two matching

ColorBug Portable  v.1.1

ColorBug portable is a handy color-picker tool, which makes it simple to select colors.

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